Prague Quadrienale 2023

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Martin Strnad, Jan Šimsa, Filip Heyduk

We perceive modern scenography and theater space as a constant creative attempt to disrupt the space around us, which tries to change the perception of reality regardless of whether you are sitting in the audience or part of a site-specific performance. In order to be able to translate this idea into PQ visuals, we had to go through a similar creative process ourselves. We sensed movement and looked for shapes that could disrupt space and leave room for imagination.

The informative and raw layout of the black and white typography in the background of each visual is constantly overlapped and enveloped by a colorful and each time completely unique shape that captures a moment - something that is unrepeatable and rare (RARE). The visual style provides almost endless possibilities of use regardless of place or technology. Every time an original poster, installation, video, etc. is created. The result is the capture of a unique moment – much like PQ captures unique works. Concept - not implemented.