Cvikov Brewery

Work type:
Creation year:
Filip Heyduk, Martin Strnad
Space 4, Adikon


For the Cvikov Brewery, with its origins dating back to 1560, we designed the logo along with the entire visual style. The brand reflects the rich history of the brewery, yet the minimalist design of the letter "C," the main motif of the logo, alludes to a modern approach. As part of the visual style, we designed all labels for bottled beers, including the export can for the Traditional Craft Lager, gift packaging for bottled beers, transport boxes, bag designs for the bakery, the orientation system for the brewery, hotel, and bakery. The unified visual style encompasses all presentation materials for Sladovna Prague restaurant, Sladovna Cvikov, the entire fleet of vehicles, staff uniforms, and the web presentations of all brands.